IRC Mission

Support democratic processes in South Africa

Enhance women’s role and invest in building gender sensitive and inclusive society

Protect of rule of law and human rights our vision is to see a new South Africa healed through a spirit of tolerance and reconciliation, engaged in attentive and purposeful dialogue and marching towards common goals in unity, harmony and with resolve.

Furthermore we wish to see a South Africa where the rule of law is guaranteed; human and democratic rights of citizens are respected; poverty is eradicated; economic and social prosperity prevails; and free democratic institutions are established. To sum up we wish to see a mother country that contributes its share to the harmonious relationship of the people of the world and a nation of which we are deeply proud.




about us


Founded in 08 May 2008 and registered in South Africa in 20 February 2013 as a Political Party whose aim is to support and strengthen democratic achievements and human rights in South Africa.




"We don't promise, we do!"


Our 2019 Election Manifesto

Download our constitution

IRC vision


We hope that the International Revelation Congress and other will give results that will contribute to a country where everybody’s rights and dignity are protected, and where women play an important role in making society just, secure, and prosperous - a democratic country with strong rule of law and balanced participation of women and men in society

Our party’s general mission is the realization of our vision. Next priority rests on carrying out and leading an intensive and peaceful struggle which is determined and targeted at victory.


Our Leadership

National President: Mr E.T. Mammba
Deputy President: Mr Nelson Manyuwa
National Chairperson: Boldwin Ramulongo
Deputy Secretary General: Mr David Mphafudi
Secretary General: Ms Cynthia Phithi
National Treasurer: Goodson Keenao

Our 2019 Election Manifesto

Download Election Manifesto

*Goodbye Corruptions

*Service Delivery For All

*Create Employment (60% Jobs For Youth)

*Addressing Poverty In The Rural Area

*Reposition Enterprise

*Economy Restructure

*Land Expropriation With Compensation

*Service The Interest Of The Ordinary Citizen Of South Africa *Put South African Citizen First Through Equal Empowerment *Lets Create A Non Racial South Africa

*Free Water And Electricity To The South African Churches



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